Founded in 1998, Northern Technologies SA is committed to providing surge and lightning protection solutions which ensure maximum uptime of your equipment. Northern Technologies SA provides technical consulting, design and application engineering. We further undertake installations, power quality surveys for the protection of a single sensitive device to comprehensive systems which are mission critical to the business of major corporations.

Surge and Lightning Protection (Protec Range)

Northern Technologies provides a complete solution, which combines a graded approach consisting of CLASS 1 lightning protection utilizing high energy metal oxide varristors with fast acting CLASS 2 surge suppression utilizing silicon avalanche diode technology.

Electrical Distribution Boards

Northern Technologies SA provides a complete solution for power distribution boards from design, manufacturing to maintenance. Our power specialist in consultation with the customer will ensure the most cost effective and working solution for your organisation.

Transformers / Motors / Generator Protection (Protec Z)

Protec Z is a unique, high frequency transient over voltage surge suppressor for the protection of generators, motors and transformers from steep wave-front, short rise-time, high magnitude, spikes, surges and other transient voltages, generated by switching, induced lightning and other sources.

Protection Relays (Protecta)

Protection, automation and control relays for power industry and utilities. To supply your needs for HV protection relays that are reliable, easy to operate and program, at an affordable price. A comprehensive range including, transformer and reactor inrush protection, transformer burn out protection, capacitor as well as distance protection relays.

By choosing to do business with Northern Technologies SA you gain access to more than 70 years of combined experience in the lightning and surge suppression industry.

Our Vision

  • To establish a company culture of participation, innovation, professionalism and enthusiasm amongst all staff.

  • To maintain and expand a strong technology development capability.

  • To develop and manufacture innovative, world-class products.

  • To build a reputation for quality of products and service.

  • To become a market leader in selected product areas, in South Africa and viable export markets.

  • To achieve and sustain a significant level of real growth.

  • To promote a company philosophy of equal opportunity, non-discrimination, and affirmative action with the emphasis on training


Our business is based upon developing long term synergistic partnerships with our clients by providing complete power protection solutions through consultation and innovation in a manner that promotes respect, trust, loyalty and productivity. This promotes a climate of added value. The result is a track record of cost savings, uptime and increased satisfaction for our clients and their customers.

Our Objectives

To remain market leaders in terms of technology, in our ever-changing world. We have full confidence that the R & D programs of our principals will ensure that we can constantly upgrade and improve our products and therefore our solutions.
We have a broad spectrum of clients e.g. wholesalers, computer, IT industry and telecoms corporations. Our target market is characterized by people who require the constant uptime of their electronic equipment.

In addition Northern Technologies SA supplies surge suppression products to our distribution network in Africa.
Including but not limited to:

South African Clients

Vodacom SA
Cell C
Standard Bank
Nelson Mandela Residence (Umtata)
Dept of Water

International Clients

Vodacom INTL